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Standing Rules
(Last amended June 14, 2014)

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Standing Rules of the MWRC

1. Carrying firearms at MWRC events after consuming alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Event hosts are required to provide secure storage for firearms if requested by any attendee.

2. All members are entitled to make motions and participate in discussions during Conference meetings. However, only the President (or Regular Member appointed by the President) of each MWRC Chapter in good standing will be allowed to vote on items of business and candidates for office at Conference meetings. Any Chapter which has not paid its annual dues shall not be considered in good standing.

3. MWRC officers shall consist of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer, and International Representative. The officers shall serve two (2) year terms and shall be elected at the Fall Conference meeting during even numbered years. Candidates must declare (in writing) the office they seek to the MWRC Secretary/Treasurer prior to the adjournment of the Spring Conference meeting of the election year. No later than August 1st of the election year the MWRC Secretary/Treasurer will provide the President of each MWRC Chapter with a list of the candidates for each office. This is meant to allow the Chapter President to confer with his membership prior to the voting.

4. Each Chapter in the MWRC shall pay annual dues to the Conference in the amount of $1.00 (US) per chapter member, up to a maximum of $25.00 (US) per year.

5. Bids to host MWRC conferences may be accepted up to two (2) years in advance.

6. All participants in parades or group rides, at any Blue Knights® Midwest Regional Conference event, must wear an approved motorcycle helmet.

7. The MWRC board will notify any active chapter within 50 miles prior to authorizing a charter to any new chapter, however final determination and approval will reside with the board.

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