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Safety Tips
Last updated on May 28, 2017

Safety Tips

Riding season is in full swing and with everything that is fun, there are also things we could do to ensure that fun remains just that FUN! We all enjoy jumping on our variety of motorcycle and hitting the open the road. Riding in a group to the nearest watering hole or participating in our numerous fundraisers that make the Blue Knights stand out in the community is why we became members of this outstanding organization.

I know most if not all MWRC Chapters have a Safety Officer, but as we know not everyone can make every ride. So as Law Enforcement Officers there is a phrase that everyone is familiar with when on the shooting range, EVERYONE IS A SAFETY OFFICER! It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure his fellow Brother or Sister is safe. If you notice something speak up! Sometimes the person operating the motorcycle doesn’t notice what’s going with his bike! As Brothers and Sisters, it is everyone’s responsibility to keep each other safe and alive!


These sites contain the weblinks for each Motorcycle manufacturers recalls. Please take the time to review your bikes recalls. Some folks will be surprised!

David Smith (The Nebraskan)
MWRC Safety Officer

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