Blue Knights®

Safety Tips
(Last updated on July 21, 2021)

Eight safety tip's, some of which you
won't learn in a safety class

1. Be visible:
Dark clothing is not your friend. Wear something bright,
or better yet safety green or safety orange.

2. Never ride tired:
Stop every 75 to 125 miles, get off and take a break.
Know your limits and stay within them.

3. Use the "outsiden to inside to outside" path of travel:
Straighten out the curves.

4.Leave an escape route:
At stop lights leave the bike in gear and watch your mirrors
to make sure the vehicle behind you sees you and stops.
If they are not stopping have an escape route and use it.

5. Always look where you want to go:
You go where you look. If you are looking at a
curb you are going to hit the curb.

6. Ride your own ride:
When riding in a group if you are3 riding over your comfort zone,
pull over and leave the group and ride your own ride.

7. Ride with people you trust and who know how to ride:
In an emergency braking situation is no time to find out the
rider behind you does not know how to use his front brake.

8. Be wary of semi-trucks:
Don't ride next to semi-trucks, and when you go to pass,
pass quickly and safely. Large trucks cause wind turbulence
and you are hard to see in comparison to the semi-truck.


Until the next time.


Rick McCrea
MWRC Safety Officer

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