Blue Knights®


American Income Life Insurance Company

FREE to all MWRC Members/Family Members
This policy has been in effect since 5-26-11 and covers ALL MWRC Blue Knight Members and their Family Members.

Procedure of reporting a claim:
1. Chapter officer (Preferably the President) contact the International office of the claim for the member/family member.
2. Chapter officer to let family know that a death certificate or medical report needs to be sent to the International office.
3. The International office will notify the Insurance company and also get the report to the Insurance company.
4. Insurance company after claim is recorded will disperse a benefit check to the International office.
5. After receiving the check from the Insurance company, the International office will notify the chapter officer of the check and the International office will do as directed by the chapter officer and either mail the check to family beneficiary or to the chapter so the chapter can present it to the family. Your choice.

This is the preliminary set up and should work well for now.

ALL members should have already received a mailing about the insurance benefit. There will be a card in the mailing for all to fill out if you wish. The card is very important to return but is your choice of course. If you didn't receive the mailing you can contact the International office at the links below to obtain a copy or use the link to the Insurance company below to fill out the on-line form version of the card.

The card:
If you mail the card back to the Insurance company your listed beneficiary will get the check upon a death. If you Do Not mail the card back, a check will be issued to the estate of the deceased.

The below link will take you to the Insurance company web site which has an online form of the card that can be filled out and other links for more information

You can contact the MWRC International Rep, Doug Casteel, if you have any further questions on this program
Email Doug Casteel

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